Internal Policies

Effectiveness in the management system

Health and Safety Policy

promote and preserve at all levels, health of workers in the essential conditions for better performance at work, the maintenance of adequate information on the safety of our operations.

Environmental Policy

Promote, at all hierarchical levels, the sense of individual responsibility and collective relationship with the environment, taking into account relevant legislation and continually improving the management system.

Quality Policy

Transport services quickly and securely to customers needs and continually improve the Quality System.

General Policy

Directors Board and the Management of Sideral encourage commitment and participation of all employees in planting, maintaining and improving its management system, System of Operational Security Management.

Integrated Policy

Sideral maintains its commitment to provide logistics services and freight transport by road, ensuring the satisfaction of customer needs, legislation and stakeholders, which operates on the principle of continuous improvement .
To ensure this commitment, the company promotes a sense of individual and collective responsibility.

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